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Sedna   March 18, 2004

[I'm a big boy now] I like to start with an animutation because it scares away any new visitors:

I like games where you have to think. Oh, don't complain. Thinking is not so hard:

I haven't seen these commercials on television. Probably for good reason:

Do you like bugs?

Meow   March 10, 2004

[by CJ Evans]

Two files with cats, and then one about the movie Eurotrip (which I heard is not that good). Kitty Cat Dance was originally submitted on the Forums as a video, but converting to flash cut off 80% of the downloading time. If you like it, go ahead, IM the main author: KingFriday55.

I wrote an article on this subject because it seemed important to do so, and I provide you with a couple tools to care care of the problem.

Break Ya Neck   March 6, 2004

I'd like to thank snicker from the Forums for making this Flash for ABS, as it is made in one of my favourite genres - Animutation Music Video. You don't see simple Flash like this these days:

[Flash Movie]Shig by snicker
Flash File

  March 2, 2004

[Bye Bye Snowman] Starting off with some reruns:

I really like how this game can be modified.

MgCl2(s) → Mg2+(aq) + 2Cl-(aq)   February 25/26, 2004

I am not updating right now, but I didn't want to leave you with nothing for too long. Here is a very short strategy game, where you must plant objects in the right order and have them all grow to their maximum, considering some take longer to grow, and some are dependent on the growth of other objects. High score is 20,000.


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